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The Bogard Group will help leaders and churches refine their mission, vision, and core strategies—and then realize them through practical applications built around team unity and buy-in.

We are here for you because every leader matters.

360 Masterplan

One Day Seminar

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The Bogard Group Journey

Every leader matters, and every leader has a journey. Let us guide you on your path to becoming a champion.

There are many churches and organizations that get stuck. They want to go to the next level, but they just don’t know how.

With the 360° Masterplan we help assess your programs, your ministries and your systems. We also assess your culture to see if it’s healthy because your culture can cause great systems TO FAIL.

We hope you’ll allow us to come alongside of you and help you in your journey with the 360° Masterplan.

01: Church Health Survey

This survey is designed to give you an accurate, strategic, and complete look into the current condition of your church. The survey will address culture, community, consistency, communications, character, connection, and change. The customized results will be discussed during the 3 day onsite team facilitated experience.

02: Guest Impression Assessment

Our team will attend your weekend services and evaluate everything we see, hear, and feel as a first time visitor to your church environments. The Guest Impression Assessment will be included in the 3 day Team Facilitated Experience.

03: Team Facilitated Experience

We believe in the power of team. This experience is about customizing a plan that is significant to your needs. Therefore, we do not show up as consultants with a pre-designed program and a “one size fits all” approach. Our facilitator will lead your team through a process of discovery to find truth, capture opportunities, align resources and define the initiatives that will move you forward over the next eighteen to twenty-four months.

04: Video Conference Calls

Part of our process is providing support through video conference calls.  This allows us to help you and your team even when we are not physically on-site with you. Our calls together will be intentional and productive.

05: Customer Support

We are here to see your team succeed in expanding its unique vision and mission. Upon completion of the 360˚ Masterplan Executive Package process, we are committed to follow-up with the designated team leads via two hours of video conferencing. As well, we provide coaching for the team once a month for one hour over the next eleven months.

What's Our Commitment?

The 360˚ Masterplan is a proven strategy to give you the direction, health and increase you desire. We provide various levels of coaching that include onsite and online assessments to take your organization to the win it deserves.

We are here to help!